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Our Dogs


Galaxy Crystal Fantasy aka Fanta

Yorkshire Terrier

Fanta is a cutie pie. She is the first our Yorkie and she is the boss (very small, cute, neutered, alpha dog :)) She acts now as Grandy helping us to nanny the puppies. She is a very glamourous babe, adores dressing, shopping, dining out, real Holywood star :)


Gabby Now Star Tsarskaya Uteha

Blue Merle Yorkshire Terrier (Choco carrier)

Gabby is our star. Unique dog, first time see such a high-intellectual dog (very rare for small dogs). If she had to be born a human she'll be a genius. Outstanding character and extremely well behaved (she is a real lady). Her hair is like silk and soft like a cloud. She likes chasing the ball, going outside, driving in the car, running, and walking. Best companion dog ever. Registered with IHR, APRI, GYBR. DNA tested.


Glamour Art Moris Blackfox aka Benjamin

Black Red Brindle Yorkshire Terrier

Benjamin is a very nice, smart, and gentle boy. He is full of energy and love. Adores chasing the ball together with Gabby. Excellent stud. Registered with IHR, APRI, GYBR. DNA tested.


Glamour Art Moris Viktoria aka Asya

Choco Merle Yorkshire Terrier

Asya is sweet as choco pie. She is adorable and so funny. She loves to play with her small toys. Enjoys walking, running, driving in the car. Registered with IHR, APRI, GYBR. DNA tested.

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