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Our Newly Bred Puppies

Sir: Glamour Art Moris Blackfox aka Benjamin (black-red brindle color, carries many colors: gold, black, red, blonde, brindle, traditional, choco)

Dam: Gabby Now Start Tsarskaya Uteha (blue merle color, blue crystals in the eyes, carries merle, choco, parti, blonde, traditional)

Puppies size should be from mini to small, very compact body type, baby face, small ears, care almost all possible colors

Will be ready for a new home on December 28th, 2021


Sunkissed Amadeus (color: Black Copper)

born on Oct 6th 2021 (80 grams, 2.8 oz), male, pet only, mini, approximal adult weight 2.5 lb, $4500

Amadeus is a serious gentleman, he was the smallest in the litter but he is the real boss. Very quiet, intelligent, and smart kid. He has been introduced to children and other pets already and has even begun potty training. Unique Black Copper color.


Sunkissed Aston Martin (color: Blue Merle)

born on Oct 6th (119 grams, 4.2 oz), male, approximate adult weight 5.5 lb, $3700

Aston Martin was the biggest in the litter and he is a super active very playful kid. Very smart, adore playing with kids and other dogs. Loves snacks. Begun potty training. Blue merle color


ADOPTED: Sunkissed Armani (color: Golden Cacao Merle)

born on Oct 6th 2021 (109 grams, 3.8 oz), male, approximate adult weight 4 lb, $6000

Armani is a sunny and so gentle ball of playfulness. He is so cute, smart (bringing the ball back from 8 weeks). Very intelligent and easy to be trained, very social and will be a real companion. Loves to play with kids and other dogs. Has begun potty training. Very rare golden merle color with green hazelnut eyes.

Available Puppies: Available Pets


  • We release our puppies from home UTD on vaccinations (after 10-11 weeks old)

  • All puppies go to a new home together with a puppy package that will include:

    • Microchip​

    • Vet health certificate

    • DNA test

    • Premium food

    • Puppy outfit

    • Sunkissed Yorkies logo tote and t-shirt for parents

    • Toys​

  • All puppies are sold as pets. Registration papers could be offered to select individuals for an extra fee, please reach us out if you would like to get breeding rights

  • The prices for our puppies are starting from $4000 and vary based on gender, color, size, eye color

  • To reserve the puppy you need to apply, get approved, and pay the non-refundable deposit of $500

  • We accept Zelle or cash payments

  • Exotic Colors Yorkshire Terrier is a relatively new breed (multiple breeds were used to get these unique color palettes), so it will show in the DNA test.  You can read more about the history of the breed here:

  • We register all our puppies with APRI/PRA, GYBR and do DNA testing through Embark

  • We do not perform tail docking or dewclaw removal, there is no medical benefit of doing it, it's not humane and actually forbidden in a lot of countries. And their tails look gorgeous.

  • We can not guarantee adult size and breeding performance, the color of hair and eyes, and other features as they can change while they grow

Available Puppies: Text

If you would like to adopt one of our available puppies click on the link below: 

Available Puppies: Text

If you would like to sign up for the Waiting List or to get to the Priority VIP List click on the link below: 

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